Our perspective on Value

In addition to offering routine medical care for individuals, families and employees of area businesses, the Hospital maintains centers for Diabetes Education, Wound Care, Cancer Care and Behavioral Health.  The services and programs offered by the Hospital are determined through collaborative efforts of the Board, the Medical Staff and the community at large, with an eye toward reducing the impact of seeking health care on the individual's lifestyle. 

The Springs Integrative Medicine Center & Spa provides a link between our organization's 160-year history of whole-person care and the modern medical culture we maintain today.  Our integrative approach includes provision of massage therapy and accupuncture to inpatients (with a doctor's order).  

What's more, inpatients in the Hospital receive a variety of ammenities at no extra cost including private rooms, free in-room television and local telephone service.

Simply stated;

Everything we do, we do so you can get better.